Risk (2007)

Vishram Sawant is definitely hot on the heels of Ram Gopal Verma brand of film making (especially films like Satyaa and Company) as far as narrating a story in almost a journalistic story fashion. All the players are clearly defined and they have a specific role to play. Even the proverbial villain is shown to be humane and giving.


Suryakant Satam (Randeep) is a don’t-mess-with-me kinda cop who is well known for his trigger-happy-ways. Bangkok based underworld don Khalid (Vinod Khanna) isn’t happy with his ‘daring’. For, inadvertently by killing his shooters, Satam is helping politician Sarang (Anant Jog) and his prime adversary (and once-upon-a-time ally) Naidu (Zakir Hussain). But when Suryakant stretches his tentacles till Devki Vardhan (Seema Biswas), Khalid’s prime conduit in Mumbai, all hell breaks lose. Finding himself behind bars, the hard cop doesn’t have any option other than smearing his hands with the same dirt that he always sniggered at arrogantly. How he takes the ‘risks’ in salvaging his lost pride is what the story is all about.

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