Tridev (1989) *Top Voted*

A star-studded Bollywood Blockbuster, only second to Sholay

The complete mega-star bollywoodish potboiler entertainment full of action, drama, romance and definitely music. “Oye, Oye….” sold million copies of tapes in those days. Still remembered as magnum opus by Rajiv Rai, which brought back memories of Ramesh Shippy’s Sholay.

The movie is an action packed saga of three men standing up against a crime lord called Bhujang (played by Amrish Puri), who has plans to spread menace in the country. The three protagonists come from different walks of life with different stories, but are connected by their gallantry, honesty and common hatred for Bhujang and his kin.

Inspector Karan Saxena is a honest and diligent police inspector with the Bombay Police Force. He lives a middle-class life with his father, a Judge, and has a sweetheart in Divya Mathur, the daughter of Police Commissioner Mathur, who he hopes to marry soon. Things do not go well for Karan as he uses excessive force and is disciplined for trying to make a false arrest, and ultimately gets transferred to distant Madhopur; his engagement to Divya is annulled by Mathur; and his dad purportedly commits suicide.

Karan re-locates to Madhopur, has a violent encounter with a bandit named Jay Singh, but both become friends after they realize that they have something in common – honesty, and to avenge their woes against Bhujang and his gang. When they do reach Bhujang, they find out that he has a new lieutenant – Ravi Mathur – who is none other than Divya’s brother.

Will this new entrant prove to be a boon or a blessing for the duo?

Watch as events unfold and take you to the climax of this thriller action.

Highly Recommended

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