Chandani Bar (2001)

In Mumbai another dance form emerged at beer bars. Here, girls in revealing costumes do their ‘jhatkas, matkas and kamariya lachkes‘ to loud music and psychedelic lights. Titillating a lustful male audience. The girls don’t follow any particular dance form. They follow the basic need for substance. There are many such girls in Mumbai.
Mumtaz is one of them.
And Chandni Bar is her story.

National Award Winner !

Written and directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, “Chandni Bar” is a film about the life of a contemporary bar dancer whose self respect (despite her profession) and perseverance makes her go through the rough and tumble of life. Dusky lass Tabu plays a bar dancer in this R. Mohan production. And despite the absence of any famous Bollywood star opposite Tabu the film has polished (though marginal) performances by the likes of Atul Kulkarni, Suhaas Palsikar and Priti Khare.

“Chandni Bar” is not a stereotypical high budget Bollywood fare that takes you on a world tour with the stars gamboling around in exotic locales. Rather the film falls under different genre and has a novel storyline. It is a subject that has seldom been touched upon hitherto. Yet there are certain obvious clichés in the plot that the writer could have done away with.

The film rest on Tabu’s acting credentials as she gives another consummate performance slipping under the skin of her character with finesse and subtlety. She plays a bar dancer quite intelligently and brings the element of coquetry in her body language ­ the way she walks, smiles and ogles.

And beneath this mask of forced pretension (as a bar dancer) she convincingly plays a simple and vulnerable woman who at the same time is self-determined and persevering.

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