Kaun (1999)

One of most thrilling suspense by Ram Gopal Verma.
A nightmare begins for a young girl who is on her own, one stormy night, when two unknown young men manage to enter her house. The movie revolves around characters in a house when they discover that one of them is a murderer.
If you are an avid suspense moviegeor then Kaun is the movie that you CANNOT affoard to miss !

It’s a rainy day and a young woman is all alone in the house. She is shown talking to her family on the phone, anxious for them to come back to the house. Adding to her anxiety is the television, which announces that a killer is on the loose. And then, the doorbell rings. Who could it be?

In the Malhotra household a young woman is preparing to spend a quiet evening with her pet kitty, and cable TV. The doorbell rings, and she sees through the peephole that it is a young man, who later identifies himself as Sameer A. Purnavale. She is reluctant to open the door, even to talk to this stranger, as the police had just issued a warning about a killer at large in this area. She does offer him a sandwich, but he tricks her into opening the door, and lets himself in on the pretext of protecting her from an unknown person, who is making a noise elsewhere in the house.

When no one is found, she asks him to leave, and opens the door, and finds another man with a gun, who later identifies himself as Police Inspector Qureshi. The two doubt his credentials, and he phones the nearest police station and calls for help. The two men then get into a fight, and she gets hold of the gun, and asks them to sit quietly while she telephones her mother, and asks her to contact the police.

Then begins the waiting game, and as the pressure mounts before the arrival of the police, which one of them will start showing his true colors.

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