Koyla (1999) *Fixed*

A love story of a deaf & dumb slave with a vivacious young girl who is already been married to his master. A thriller with rural backdrop starring biggest stars of bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan & Madhuri Dixit along with Amrish Puri, Johnny Lever and more. Scripted and directed by Rakesh Roshan, Koyla, was yet another thriller drama after blockbuster Karan Arjun.

Shankar (Shahrukh Khan) is a mute man, raised by the powerful Raja-Saab (Amrish Puri) who treats him like a slave. The elderly Raja-Saab wants to marry Gauri (Madhuri Dixit), a vivacious young girl. Gauri however wants to see a picture of her future husband first and Raja-Saab sends her one of Shankar. Gauri falls instantly in love with him and the wedding proceeds. However, afterwards, she discovers that it’s not Shankar, who she has married. She refuses to give Raja-Saab her body, so he imprisons and tortures her.

When her brother Ashok (Mohnish Behl) comes to save her, Raja-Saab kills him. But before his death, Ashok makes Shankar promise him to save his sister; Shankar and Gauri flee. After a chase through the woods, Raja-Saab’s men manage to capture the couple. Shankar gets almost mortally wounded, while Gauri is sold to a brothel. Shankar, however, gets saved by a mysterious healer in the mountains, who operates on his throat while he is still unconscious. The mysterious healer digs out coal from his throat which is how Shankar regains his voice again and manages to save Gauri. Then, he realizes Raja-Saab is in fact the rich man who came to his village one day and killed his parents. When the young Shankar tried to spread word of the looked-upon-as-an-angel Raja-Saab is in truth a murderer, Raja-Saab sneaks up from behind and shoves coal in his mouth, forcing him to swallow hence he becomes mute.

Though when he was young he never saw Raja-Saab’s face, he remembers the day clearly. And when it seems as if it was deja-vu when he was getting his revenge for what they did to his love (Gauri) he realizes Raja-Saab and his two hencemen are the culprits. He takes his revenge on three of them, but not after letting everyone know what they (pointedly: Raja-Saab) did to him when he was a child.

After cunningly killing them all, he returns to his love.

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