Om 3D (2013)

After three-year and half year long gap, Kalyan Ram, the third generation Nandamuri scion, has made his grand comeback with his much-delayed movie OM 3D, which has soared up the curiosity and expectations to sky high. It is a routine revenge drama with interesting twists. But what makes it special is its well shot action scenes using 3D technology. The film will surely impress action lovers. It introduces viewers to a new kind of cinematic experience.

OM 3D is romantic action entertainer and it happens to be India’s first action 3D film. It is clearly the show of Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, whose performance is the main highlight in the film. Sunil Reddy’s engrossing tale, narration and punch dialogues, Achu Rajamani and Sai Karthik’s music and background score, Ajayan Vincent’s cinematography, stylish action scenes, Rao Ramesh’s comedy and amazing 3D work together make it a visual treat. Kalyan Ram’s hit flicks Athanokkade and Hare Ram, OM 3D is also a revenge drama, but what makes it different from them is the inclusion of several interesting twists and turns.

Sunil Reddy has penned an interesting tale, which engrossing and entertaining. The movie is all about father-son sentiment and it focuses on how the hero undertake a fight for his father. The director makes amazing grip on the tempo which will surely make you watch it sitting on the edge of your seat. The movie opens with an introduction to different characters and it soon goes into flashback mode. Then follows a couple of romantic songs, few fights, car chase and comedy scenes in the first half, which is quite engaging and entertaining. Especially, a terrific twist at the interval bang is superb and accelerates its pace. The back to back twists increase its intensity in second half. The climax is also good.

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