Yalgaar (1992)

Two childhood friends come to blows when their conflicting career choices–one is a policeman, the other an underworld mafioso–inevitably clash in YALGAAR. Kidnapping, murder, and a dramatic shoot-out are all stirred into the heady Bollywood mix as the film progresses, while song and dance routines proliferate throughout.

The film featured potential actors, like the famous Sanjay Dutt, Kabir Bedi (as Singhal), Manisha Koirala (Meghna), Vicky Arora and Nagma, among others. The story, basically is as follows: Rajesh`s (FK) elder brother is killed by Jaichand in a train. 5 years elapse. Jaichand is released from jail and t

View next photohe case moves to DEAD END! This angers Rajesh to such an extent that he swears revenge on Singhal as he doubts that he is in connection with his brother`s killing. Insp. Rajesh`s Father is Mahendra Ashwini Kumar, who is a chief officer in the police Force.

On the other hand, is Singhal, M.A Kumar`s greatest enemy. His only goal is to stop M.A Kumar from becoming CM of Police. He is a drug dealer, arms smuggler and chief of the UNDERWORLD DONS.

Singhal has two sons…the elder is Vishal (Sanjay Dutt) and the younger is Vicky (V.Arora). He, at first married his childhood girl freind, and as a result his elder son, Vishal was born. However, when she died in childbirth, Singhal was remarried to his own sister-in-law, and got his second son. Vicky has a different identity and a different name, because his mother did not want to let him be like his father. There are many differences between these two brothers, but the still love each other dearly.

Singhal loves Vicky more than Vishal. However, Vishal follows the dangerous path of his father, and becomes just like him. Vicky knows nothing of his father`s and brother`s mideeds.

Once Singhal is arrested by the police. This angers Vishal who hires a killer called Carlos to kill M.A.Kumar (the new Comissioner of Police). He is successful in his task. Still unknown to Singhal, that Vishal commanded the murder, when he recieves the news, he gets a sudden fright. He takes his family with him to Dubai, to flee the Indian Police. He also kidnaps Meghna (FK`s niece- I guess Singhal wanted to invite his death) who is Vicky`s lover.

…….The rest is the climax of the movie……….

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