Hot Money (2006)

Hot Money is a story of deceit and debacle. Copied from hollywood hit Wild Things, Hot Money is a mystery thriller with twist. The story anfolds with serious allegations involving an extremely talented highschool dance teacher Rahul Kapoor (Tarun Arora) accused of raping a student, the student Simran (Nilanjana Bhattacharya) loses her credibility and the case due to her bad reputation. The entire community is against the verdict. The situations boils up when another ex-student Tanya (Divya Devi) raised a similar charge…

Suspicious evidence, deceit, conspirancy and blackmail. An intriguing plot and a fascinating courtroomdrama would mesmerize you to the core. “Hot Money” ab excitingly unforgettable edge of your seat thriller.

Simran (Nilanjana Bhattacharya) cries rape against her teacher, Rahul Kapoor (Tarun Arora). To make her case stronger, she asks an ex-student, Tanya (Divya Dwivedi), to testify in court against Rahul. However, Simran’s bluff is out and it then emerges that Simran, Rahul and Tanya were all hand-in-glove to make money from Simran’s rich mother (Kunika).

A police inspector, Arjun Chowdhary (Mukesh Tiwari), gets wind of the trio’s deal and tries to get a share of the pie. Meanwhile, Simran murders Tanya; Arjun kills Simran; and Rahul and Arjun also die in the end. Sunita Sanyal (Rati Agnihotri) and Mahajan (Tinnu Anand) play lawyers.

Though Wild Things, was instant hit when released, Hot Money couldn’t garner aything due to its non-star value. Still, the director has tried to give something different from the regular hindi movie thriller.

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