Aankhen (1993) *A Must Watch *

One of the earliest David Dhawan comedy caper, the movie which started 90’s generation zero logic David-Govinda comedies.
Though inspired from various earliest hindi movies like ‘Angoor’ and ‘Do Phool’, the movie is complete laughter blast. Eros International proudly presents this movie online in coordination with metroMaaZa.

Munnu (Govinda) and Bunnu (Chunky Pandey) are the wayward sons of the jeweller Hasmukh (Kadar Khan). They become entangled in a plot to create – via plastic surgery – a double for the Chief Minister (Raj Babbar in a dual role) in order to arrange the release of the criminal Natwar Shyam (Grover).

The first half of the film consists solely of the duo’s antics as they fall for Priya (Rageshwari) and Ritu (Ritu Shivpuri). In the second half, Munnu is abducted by the criminals and loses his memory, whereupon the film produces two more character doubles, Hasmukh’s long-lost twin (Kadar Khan again) and his son Gaurishankar (Govinda).

Gaurishankar is wrongly kidnapped along with his father and grandmother (Dina Pathak), and eventually the two brothers, aided by a wayward policeman, Pyare (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), get the criminals.

David has used perfect almalgam of Thrill & Comedy in the movie. Following Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors formula, David brings out completely new clan of dumb and dummbers from this movie. Govinda & David went to make; Coolie No.1, Hero No. 1, Raja Babu, Sajan Chale Sasural and many more superhit comedies after this.

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