Anupama (1966)

“Anupama” back from 1966 is a film about human interaction and the human condition.It is about the formative power on the human psyche of words and the emotional strength of words unspoken.Overall Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Anupama is about a fractured father/daughter relationship and a damaged girl struggling to find a voice amidst the wreckage of a catastrophic childhood.

Cast: Sharmila Tagore, Dharmendra

Uma Sharma’s birth brought the death of her mother, much to the shock of her dad, Mohan Sharma. Blaming Anupama for his wife’s death, he has never forgiven her, and is affectionate towards her only when under the influence of alcohol.Anupama has grown up in this atmosphere, silent, submissive, and subdued.There is some ray of hope in her life when she meets with Ashok, and both fall in love with each other.But Mohan has other plans for his daughter, and Anupama, afraid to do anything to antagonize him any further, will do anything for him.

Jaywant Pathare’s camera work in the film is superb and “Anupama” won the Filmfare (Indian Oscars) Best Cinematography award for 1966 beating out Fali Mistry’s cinematography for “Guide” the same year.The ‘look’ of “Anupama” is stunning with much of the film shot in moody, dim, and atmospheric low key lighting.

To say that “Anupama” was an ‘art’ film would be correct but it was also Indian Popular Cinema a Bollywood film in the best sense of the word. It was one of the three films nominated for best film at the 1966 Filmfare Awards, where it lost out the top honor to Vijay Anand’s “Guide”.

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