Chokher Bali (2003)

Binodini is a young girl who is left to her own devices when her sickly husband dies soon after there marriage. She returns to her village and lives there for a couple of months until she sees one of her relatives passing by. Binodini hails the woman and the two soon agree that it would be best if Binodini came to live with the woman and her son, Mahendra.

(Mahendra was one of the first to see Binodini’s photo when she was unwed yet refused her on account of his being “unready for marriage.”) When the two arrive, Mahendra and his new bride are constantly sneaking off to be alone together. This infatuation does not last long, and Mahendra soon begins to see that Binodini is more his type. An affair starts between Mahendra and Binodini which is soon revealed to Ashalata.

Asha unaware of her pregnancy leavesfor Kashi. Binodini after realizing the self-obsessed personality of Mahendra, leaves Mahedra’s house. She pleads Behari to marry her,but Behari true to his values rejects her offer. Binodini leaves the town for her village .She writes a letter to Behari that she’ll be waiting for him in Kashi. As she is leaving for Kashi,Mahendra comes for mending theire relations which she refuses.Instead she makes him promise to take her to Behari. At Kashi, Binodini meets Behari who after some incidences agrees to marry her. At the day of marriage Binodini vanishes leaving a letter for Asha.The story details the lives of these three and Mahendra’s best friend as they deal with issues as distrust, adultery, lies, and falling-out.

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