Khel (1991)

A frothy, light hearted entertainer from the maker of heavy duty ’emotional’ stuff like Karan Arjun, Koyla, Khudgarz, Khel directed by Rakesh Roshan has some compelling supporting performances by Mala Sinha as the matriarch Sulakshana Devi looking for her lost grandchild and Anupam Kher as the ready-to-break-into-an-old-time-song-anytime uncle.Madhuri Dixit too is good as Seema, being a likability and grace to the various roles she ‘dons ‘ in the movie.

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit

Widowed Sulakshana Devi is a wealthy industrialist and lives a very wealthy, though hectic lifestyle with her only son, Ravi, and nephew, Balwant.While returning from overseas, she is told that Ravi has met with an accident and has been killed.This news does devastate her, but she soon recovers.Then a pregnant woman named Kamini approaches her and tells her that she is carrying Ravi’s child.Sulakshana disbelieves her and has her thrown out.When Ravi’s friend, Sanjay Gupta, confirms that Ravi was seeing Kamini, she sets out her men to search high and low for Kamini, but to no avail.

Then years later, she meets with a young man, Arun Kumar, who was able to retrieve her purse from a thief.Sulakshana finds out that he is unemployed and has not eaten for days.She decides to hire him, not knowing that Arun is a actually a con man, who will do his best to woo her to inherit her estate and Crores of Rupees.Sulakshana also does not know that Ravi did not die accidentally, but was killed by someone who sabotaged his car.Things will get more complicated when a woman named Seema and her uncle enter her life – for a devious reason.

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