SUPER STAR is your average Bollywood movie; a moderate dose of action, plenty of emotion and dollops of drama.The strength of Superstar lies in its story, which has a strong element of irony.The film is close to the Hindi film industry and narrates the story to two individuals and their journey towards their dreams.The movie has Kunal Khemu in double roles.

Superstar takes off with Kunal (Kunal Khemu), a young lad who over the years has nurtured the dream of making it big in bollywood.Kunal seems a right fit for stardom and has grown up watching films of Amitabh, Salman, Shahrukh and other fine actors.Though he is great at dancing, acting and dares to make it big;he is unable to grow beyond that of an extra being seen in various crowd scenes.

But Kunal is always motivated by his friends and specially childhood friend Mausam(Tulip Joshi )who has been silently harbouring a crush on Kunal for years.Life decides to play a prank on Kunal as his dreams are shattered with the entry of the rich, debonair Karan (Kunal Khemu).Karan’s photos are all over the papers and the media are hounding Mr.Saxena (Darshan Jariwala), Karan’s dad cum producer of the film who is set to launch India’s next Superstar.

But Karan is a spendthrift and is least bothered about acting.Rather he spends time partying and his interest lies in his co-star Barkha (Aushima Sawhney).Karan is a complete no-gooder on the sets and Kunal gets a call to be his body double and stand in.Fate has something instored for Kunal as he transforms from a struggler to a superstar but at the cost of his loved ones and his very own self.So, does Superstar really carry all those starry moments worth spending a few bucks at the cinema?

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