Hamraaz (1967)

Secrets and suspicion threaten to destroy a marriage in this digitally remastered version of B. R. Chopra’s gripping drama starring Sunil Dutt, Raj Kumar, Balraj Sahni, Mumtaz and Vimi.When secrets between a husband and a wife are revealed, trust is broken and the consequences wreak havoc on their marriage.Although the movie was a hit at its time but the main flaw is its direction.Initially the film seems to be a love story which then changes to an unfaithful type story and then to a mystery type of movie.

Cast: Sunil Dutt, Urmila Bhatt, Raj Kumar, Helen

Kumar is a well-known stage actor in Bombay.While on a trip to scenic Darjeeling, he meets with and falls in love with, Meena, the only daughter of wealthy military contractor, Verma. Shortly thereafter Kumar and Meena get married and return home to Bombay.Four years later Meena’s dad passes away after telling her something that he had hidden from her for four years.

Then a year later, Kumar notices that Meena does not accompany him to the stage anymore, and excuses herself on the pretext of being ill.Shortly thereafter, Meena gets killed, the Police assign this case of Inspector Ashok who starts his investigation-which will reveal that Meena was meeting secretly with Captain Mahendra; had been married to Captain Rajesh, and has a daughter by the name of Sarika in an orphanage.

All Ashok knows is that the primary suspect is a bearded man by the name of S.N. Sinha who was lurking near Meena’s residence on the night of the murder, and all clues so far seem to be pointing an accusing finger at Kumar.On the whole the movie can be given 6 because of its good songs and some appealing thrilling moments but still direction really decreases it value..

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