Gurudev (1993)

Gurudev is a 1993 Bollywood film directed by the late actor Vinod Mehra.The film was left incomplete after Vinod Mehra’s death in 1990 but was later completed by director Raj Sippy and released three years later.The film stars Rishi Kapoor as Guru and Anil Kapoor as Dev.Sridevi plays a double role as Sonia and Priya who are Guru and Dev’s love interests respectively.Pran, Kader Khan, Laxmikant Berde and Kiran Kumar also appear in supporting roles.

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Anil Kapoor.

Inspector Dev Kumar and Gaurav alias Guru are childhood friends.The problem is that while Dev Kumar is with the police, his dad, Parshu Ram, works with the underworld, and is the right-hand man of Kakhan, a criminal don, who is also Guru’s dad.When Inspector Khan is assigned the case of apprehending Kakhan, his first suspect is none other than Dev himself, and Dev must prove to Khan that he is earnest, and will not hesitate to arrest Kakhan.It remains to be seen if Dev will really apprehend his friend’s dad, or just play around without really getting anywhere.

Though the film identifies itself as ‘Gurudev’ in patriarchal honor of its two male leads (Guru & Dev played affectionately by Rishi Kapoor & Anil Kapoor) the film should be called “Rosie” because it belongs– almost entirely– to the misfit character of that name played to hysterical perfection by Sridevi.She also plays another character (a pretty stage dancer who is comparatively quite dull) but Rosie is a brilliantly fleshed out comic creation, kind of a cross between Aamir Khan in Rangeela and Lucy Ricardo: she is foul, drunk, deceitful, and constantly looking to find new ways to become rich and famous.Her facial expressions are simply priceless.

The film has lots of action typical of 80s Bollywood (it was made in the late 80s but was delayed to ’93 because of the director’s death) but its most memorable moments belongs to Sridevi’s delicious performance as a vagrant opportunist. Sridevi is just *brilliant*. Definitely recommended.

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