Kahani Gudiya Ki (2007)

The plot of the movie revolves around a girl named Gudiya (Divya Dutta).Gudiya is married to an army soldier Arif. But only after 10 days of her marriage, Arif leaves his newly wedded wife to serve his motherland in the Kargil war.Every thing goes smoothly and even Gudiya is proud and happy to have a brave soulmate like Aarif.But days pass by, and there is no news of Arif’s side.Eventually, the Indian army allegedly calls him a traitor.

Cast: Divya Dutta, Arif Zakaria, Rajpal Yadav

Gudiya waits for him for four years,and atlast decides to compromise with the situation and agrees to marry her cousin Taufiq.Two years later, Gudiya is now happily settled in her married life and the couple is expecting their first child.But fate had other plans and Aarif comes back.He was mysteriously abducted and was taken into custody by the Pakistani military.But he some how managed to return back.

On returning he claims Gudiya, his wife as he had not divorced her.Gudiya and Taufiq are now in a difficult situation. Gudiya too has moved on in her life.Although being legally married to Taufiq, Gudiya goes back to Arif.Gudiya did not have a choice to make.The story illustrates an emotional saga of a helpless woman – Gudiya.

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