Aakhir Kyon? (1985)

AAKHIR KYON is a poignant tale of a woman’s fight for her rights.Nisha is an orphan brought up by her maternal uncle. Her cousin Indu is a spoilt brat.At a wedding, they meet Kabir who sweeps Indu off her feet but he proposes to Nisha.After a few months of marriage, Kabir starts treating Nisha as a maid since she does not have an independent existence.When Nisha gets pregnant, an embittered Indu moves into their house.

Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Smita Patil, Rakesh Roshan

Indu gives birth to a girl, but is unable to take the growing intimacy between Indu and Kabir. She leaves the daughter with the housemaid and leaves the house for good.While at a home for destitute, Nisha stages a play that gets her a television job where she meets Aloke who inspires to write plays and novels.Nisha attempts suicide when she is prevented from attending the birthday of her daughter.But Aloke gives her new hope in life.

Nisha’s daughter is now grown up and has to be married, Does the mother attend her daughter’s wedding?What happened to the modern life of Kabir and Indu? Does Mrs. Kabir Suri establish new identity for herself in her own right? And does Aloke succeed in changing the seasons and replacing Nisha’s autumn with a flowery spring? \”AAKHIR KYON\” is the emotional tale of a dramatic turnabout in the lives of all these people.

This was a female oriented movie with Smita Patil as the central character and Rakesh Roshan and Tina Munim having negative shades in their character who torture Smita Patil.Around the mid movie Super Star Rajesh Khanna appears in the movie and steals the thunder from all the co- actors and it appears that he has the lead role.It is a tear jerker,social drama with a message with very good performance by Smita Patil, good music by Rajesh Roshan but the actual winner is Rajesh Khanna – that is why he is the Super Star – the original, the first and the best.

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