Delhi 6 (2009)

A mandir-masjid dispute arising out of monkeyman menace in the heart of Delhi is as bizarre as a couple of youths gunning down the country’s defence minister only because he ridiculed their dead pilot friend!Despite its shortcomings, we loved Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra ’s Rang De Basanti for the movie’s sheer novelty and rebelliousness.Delhi 6 is more complex and subtle in its structure, but the very basic premise of the story is so flimsy that the message the director wanted to give (I’ll save that for last) doesn’t come across.

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor

For most of its first half, the movie is Mehra’s personal tribute to Old Delhi – to its narrow gallis bustling with crowds, to its roadside shops, to the Hindu and Muslim communities living cheek by jowl.The story takes off in the first fifteen minutes when a young American boy Roshan of Indian origin comes to India for the first time, to drop his ailing grandmother.She wants to retire and spend the last leg of her life back home; dissolving into the soil she was born in.

In America, having lead a very western lifestyle Roshan is not familiar with the sites and smells, the food and culture, the religion and beliefs, this huge melting pot that India is.He thought that Dadi had left her family and loved ones back in America, only to realize that how wrong he was.The warmth and affection of the neighborhood embraced him with open arms.Amidst all this he meets the beautiful Bittu, who is looking for identity and expression and wants to break free from the typical Indian social structure, to whom Roshan is destined to lose his heart.

Delhi-6 is a journey… a journey within. We are all living in difficult times and Delhi -6 urges us to look within and if there is an answer then it is love because that’s the law of nature and its creation.

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