Road (2002)

Rajat Mukherji-directed Road is no doubt a fresh and daring attempt to tell a story without resorting to the age-old cliched norms of commercial Hindi cinema.Mukherji’s polished directorial skills and his sense of stylish presentation stand out in almost every frame of the movie.The subject of the movie is different from the oft-repeated tales in Bollywood films.Woven around three central characters, the story of ‘Road’ has all the necessary ingredients – romance, style, thrills and action – to make it a success at the box-office.

Cast: Manoj Bajpai, Vivek Oberoi, Antara Mali

The first commandment of a road film is speed.Thus, Road opens outside a moviehall with the playful camaraderie between college sweethearts Arvind (Vivek Oberoi) and Lakshmi (Antara Mali).Lakshmi’s father frowns on the couple.Hence the two decide to elope and get married in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.Once on the road, they have a brush with a crazy and mysterious villager (Vijay Raaz).They bump into smooth-talking hitchhiker Babu (Manoj Bajpai) who is stranded in the middle of nowhere. Babu convinces the young couple to give him a lift.

Travelling with Babu proves an irritation for Arvind and Lakshmi.He smokes in their car, much to their disapproval.Babu refuses to take any hints and bullies them into playing his choice of music, stopping midway for food.Arvind refuses to take it lying down when Babu makes a blatant pass at Lakshmi.

Soon, Lakshmi finds herself a hostage of an armed Babu.Thanks to the timely intervention of truck driver Inderpal (Makarand Deshpande), Arvind rescues Lakshmi from Babu’s clutches. Their happiness is shortlived as the repulsive creep strikes back and scoots off with Lakshmi once again.While Arvind runs to find help, Babu manically serenades Lakshmi.

Road was publicised as having be full of surprises at every twist and turn, however, there is no such astonishment witnessed.Therefore who wins the chase is anyone’s guess.

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