The Stoneman Murders (2009)

nullManish Gupta, both as writer and director, tries his hand through his ‘The Stoneman Murders’, on a true-to-life story of a serial killer.This isn’t a new subject though as we in India have been reading a lot in newspapers for the last three decades about such killers.The serial killings that hit headlines in 1983 are depicted with realism though Manish Gupta tries to distance himself from the gory scenes of violence etc as far as possible.The serial killer dubbed as ‘Stoneman’ has just claimed his fifth victim.

Cast: Arbaaz Khan, Kay Kay Menon, Rukhsar

The story of The Stoneman assination is about two cops in Bombay police suspended Sub Pages inspector Sanjay Shel and his professional rival Sub-item on mission Inspector Kedar Phadke.Both wish to track the notorious serial, known as “Stoneman”. Kedar a Laid Back policeman, is igned as an official in charge of the case.On the other hand, Sanjay desperately want to get the criminals to regain its status in the police and get back to work.The rivals pursue their own ways to solve the mysterious puzzle.

Sanjay Kedar, and monitored by the crime branch veteran AIG Satama. Considering Sanjay will and skill, Satama allows him to explore “Stoneman” unofficial action.In the process, he provides istance to Sanjay secret to perform the task.Kedar is unaware that Sanjay also investigate.So both ends of the collision.The ‘Stoneman’ stalk the streets to find his prey, even when the police mase the track and tip-offs.The high point of the story telling, which succeeds in Retention merciless murderer.

But the film has its weaknesses too.Several sequences like the one in the hospital when the police nab the ‘Stoneman’ and chase him on the railway platform and the others between the husband Kay Kay and wife Rukhsaar.

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