Bachke Rehna Re Baba (2005)

Comedy and sex can make an excellent combination of laughs punctuated with arousals. The formula did work for Hollywood filmmaker David Mirkinâ’s movie Heartbreakers. But the Indian rehash of the movie is simply a damp squib. It neither tickles nor titillates.

Bachke Rehna Re Baba tells the story of a mausi and her bhanji (aunt and niece). Mausi Rukhmini (Rekha) is deft at conning rich men. Years of experience have made her discreet enough to not fall in love with the man she dupes. Her bhanji Padmini (Mallika Sherawat) is still in grooming stages, still not emotionally-controlled enough to pull off a con on her own. But she has oodles of sex appeal.

The modus operandi of the two sensuous swindlers is thus: Rukhmini lures rich bakras into marrying her. Then, according to their plan, Padmini seduces Rukhmini’s new husband. Rukhmini catches the two in the act and then files for divorce, claiming big money in alimony for her emotional trauma at husband’s infidelity.

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