Shaapit (2010) *HQ*

Post 1920 Vikram Bhat comes with a teen soap opera titled ‘Shaapit’, no thrill, not a single scary scene, and wooden acting with two new pretty faces.‘Shaapit’ is a muddled and most unmysterical offering from the guy who gave us ‘Raaz’ and ‘1920’ with very limited things to offer from anyone, ‘Shaapit’ is destined to banish into the home video circuit very soon.

Cast: Aditya Narayan, Shweta Agarwal, Rahul Dev

Going with the likes of Vikram’s earlier flicks and almost every horror flick coming out of Bollywood, Shaapit too deals with a past wrong doing that haunts the present, makes life impossible to live but however the lost situation is resolved and its leads to nothing but an happy ending.

Shaapit is about a curse that plagues a family, generation after generation for 300 years. Kaaya is extremely delighted and nods a ‘yes’ to Aman’s marriage proposal. Just as the happy couple head home to announce their engagement their car takes a spin and they meet with a terrible accident. Kaaya’s parents rush to the hospital and are taken aback when they find out about her engagement. It’s then they reveal the 300 year old curse that haunts the girls of the family and denies them to even think about wedlock or an engagement.

But Aman decides to win his love back besides all the odds and approaches Prof Pashupati, a well-known researcher of paranormal activities, to figure out ways to strike the evil spirit away. What follow is their dangerous encounters with the spirit and their struggle to get rid of it.

Director Vikram Bhatt’s experience with the genre works, as Shaapit is filled with hair raising sequences that keep you on the edge of your seats. The movie is engrossing with sequences canned with utmost care and is filled with many thrill seeking moments. The slow and tactful camera work and the use of sound effects to develop the atmosphere of eeriness and mystery throughout the movie heighten the scare element, thus making it a good watch.

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