Allari Pidugu (2006)

Charkavarti (Puneet Issar), has two sons Ranjit and Giri (both played by Balakrishna). Giri is the younger one, who is the village guy and in love with his cousin Subbalakshmi (Charmy Kaur). Ranjit turns into an ACP and meets his match Swati (Katrina Kaif). G.K. (Mukesh Rishi) is a member of the Parliament, whose anti-social activities are contained by Ranjit.

Also, Chakravarti who spends 14 years in prison after falsely charged by G.K. in a case is released. G.K. plans to take revenge on the family. But, the person who comes to the rescue of the family and the people threatened by the villain’s plans is Giri. The story is on how he ends as winner, by saving lives and winning respect from his father.

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