Jeevan Mrityu (1970)

Jhilmil Sitaroan Ka Aagan Hoga …

Early 70s drama movie with lot of twists and turns plus good music. The movie shows how a naive, hardworking working class man gets crushed in a cunning world ? The movie raises voice against such activists who would not dare to devastate poor peoples life for their gains. Though India got Independence long time ago but still such dictators rule in society everywhere – be it working place or university.

“Jeevan Mrityu” is a story of a boy(Ashok) who after leaving college, was appointed Probation Officer in the Citizen Bank. He worked day and night. He had a great ambition of becoming a big man and earning an honorable place in society. His hard work was aptly rewarded. Mr. Roy, the Managing Director of the Bank, loved him as his son and the manager of the bank was also very happy and fully satisfied with his work. When the manager left the bank for better prospects, Ashok was promoted to the post of the Manager in his place.

Some of the old and scheming employees of the bank were always jealous of him and his promotion to the manager’s post provoked them. His colleagues, Harish, Jagat and Ramakant, were in no mood to tolerate the injustice of a new arrival superceding their rights and sitting on their head. The three conspired and sought ways to humilate and trap Ashok.

They vowed to wreck Ashok’s life.

And, one day, when Ashok’s mother had completed all arrangements for her son’s betrothal to Deepa and was eagerly awaiting his return from the bank, the police stepped into the house and accused him of stealing ten lakh rupees which were missing from the bank vaults. Since he as the Manager had both the keys with him, none except him could open the vaults! and thus…piercing the stone walls of the prison and the thick iron bars of his cell, the judgement of the court echoed in Ashok’s ears.

“This court finds Ashok guilty of the offence and he is sentenced to seven years rigorous mprisonment”, he has been deprived of his right to dream of a happy future. Will he be able to wed Deepa and bring her home as his bride?

Will he be able to bring back all those lost moments, days, months and years of his life?

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