Saajan Ka Ghar (1994)

Every unmarried girl has dream of her life – Every father dreams about his girl – “SAJAN KA GHAR”.The life of girl ends there itself from it started.For others she was lucky one but for herself she was not so.As soon as she was born, her mother dies and her father does not want to see her face.Every time she gets illtreatment from her step mother.If at all some body who can understand her sorrow and show sympathy towards her was her God like brother – Suraj.

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Deepak Tijori

Suraj, her brother arranges for her marriage.Even at the time of sending Laxmi to her in-law’s house, her father Seth Dhanraj did not see her face.As and when Laxmi left the house, Dhanraj becomes bankrupt.Suraj then reminds his father that this is the result of illtreatment given to Laxmi.And her present in the house of the symbol of wealth.Dhanraj realises this and gets shock.He meets with an accident in which he looses his memory.Here in her in-law’s house for the first time she learns how to smile, but God did not agree to continue for many days.

She gives birth to a child who dies immediately after birth.And she hears that second chance is risky to her life.After this her mother-in-law changes her attitude.She wants to make another marriage to her son.After this Laxmi comes to the conclusion that even at the risk of her life she should give birth to a child-Kul Deepak.She insists her husband Amar to get another child. Inspite he knew that second chance is risky to her life, Amar reluctantly agrees to her compulsion.But fate has some thing else to say.Amar takes the job in military and Ramji, Kamla’s husband takes pilgrimage.Taking this opportunity, Kamala beats Laxmi. Fortunately she escapes from death.

Inspite of this, Kamla is not satisfied.She drags her out of the house.Helpless Laxmi struggles for her life and moves here and there with pregnancy.Because of unborn child of Amar some how she leads her life with struggle with hope After giving birth to a child she dies.Kamla gets her grand son & ‘Kul Deepak’, but Amar’s life is precious.With coincidence, Dhanraj who had met with accident and lost his memory leads his life by selling woods in crematorium.He falls down and gets his memory back.Dhanraj who had never swung the wooden cradle of his daughter the same father is now supplying the wood cremation of her dead body of her daughter.Alas! What a game of fate! Dhanraj has nothing left but the repentance of tears.

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