Jurm (2005)

In the initial reels, you think Vikram Bhatt has borrowed from various films, including UNFAITHFUL [wife cheating on her husband], JAGGED EDGE [husband accused of murdering his wife] and PRIMAL FEAR [the relationship between the lawyer and convict].

Cast: Bobby Deol, Lara Dutta, Milind Soman, Gul Panag

The movie begins on a promising note with a murder, the arrest of an unlikely suspect, and the flashbacks of love and tenderness between the two key characters of the story.

Bobby Deol plays a business tycoon Avinash, who is a content man happily married to Sanjana (Lara Dutta). But Avinash’s world collapses after his wife is murdered and he is arrested for the deed.The first half of the movie is interspersed with flashbacks of romance and marriage between Bobby and Lara.

Avinash’s case in the court is fought by his good friend Rohit (Milind Soman). There are some subtle allusions in the story about Rohit being a shady character. Anyway, as the case proceeds in the court of law, Avinash’s innocence becomes more and more difficult to prove.

In this dark hour, when Avinash can’t seem to trust anyone, the only person who stands by him is Sonia (Gul Panag) who loves him secretly but has never expressed her emotions.

Unable to prove his innocence, Avinash escapes from the prison and flees to Malaysia. As he penetrates deeper into the mystery of his wife’s murder, he comes across a startling truth that makes him rethink his relation with his wife all over again.

While Bobby is sincere, Lara is once again misused. Her inconsistent looks and excessive makeup takes away from her innate loveliness. Lara deserves a lot better than what Bhatt gives or going by his recent track record, should I say, is capable of giving.

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