Baghban (2003) *UPDATED*

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As Baabul (2006) will be soon hitting on screen, we thought of re-releasing B.R. Films yet another super-hit moive – Baghban.When he is not robbing the banks, he plays ‘Baghban’ and steals your heart. A sexagenarian, Bachchan, with a dab of vintage beauty, Mrs Deol, that’s what it take to concoct the perfect tear jerker of the year, Baghban.
After sacrificing everything to raise their four children, an elderly Indian couple are abandoned and uncared for by their offspring.

A must watch movie by Ravi Chopra.

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Paresh Rawal

Raju alias Raj Malhotra and his wife, Pooja have been married for over 40 years now. Raj works in a bank as an accountant. Their marriage resulted in the birth of four sons, as well as financial expense of looking after an orphan, Alok. Raj & Pooja make many sacrifices for their sons, get them married in different places in India. Soon they become grand-parents of a boy, Rahul and a girl, Payal. It is now time for Raj to retire from his bank job, and he does so. Raj and Pooja expect their sons to look after them in turns, but fate, their sons, and their respective wives, play a cruel trick on this loving couple, when they are asked to live separately with two different families, in two different cities, for the rest of their lives.

Hoping that things turn out for the best, both agree to trust their children, and go their separate ways. Their respective sons and daughter-in-laws are cruel, and abusive, and at the end of six months, both Raj and Pooja decide that it is time to leave and move to the house of their other two sons. Both agree to meet each other at Vijay Nagar, the very place where they spent their honey-moon 41 years ago. While their other sons await the arrival of their parents, both Raj and Pooja decide not to return back to a life of abuse and cruelty, and they decide to take the matters into their hands, not knowing that this decision will alter their lives forever.

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