Bas Ek Pal (2006)

Onir is back with his latest movie – Bas Ek Pal. After grand start (critically) with My Brother Nikhil, expectations were high for his second outing. Onir takes a look at relationships and how the lives of five people get entwined in a moment of madness.

Impulsive living is pretty fancy and new subject, that has hardly been tackled with so much depth ever in indian cinema. The story is handled with utmost sensitivity, the performances by the principal characters are proficient, the film has its share of engaging moments… but !had screenplay been better, which loses whole impact of the movie.

BAS EK PAL is the story of five people bound inextricably by an incident that changes their lives forever. Set in the metropolis of Mumbai, the film explores the complexities of modern urban relationships. Each character has a secret. And each uncovered secret alters the dynamics of every relationship.

Nikhil Kapoor (Sanjay Suri) decides to return from the USA to Mumbai. When he arrives, he decides to chill out at a nightclub. There he meets a woman and instantly falls for her; she, however, doesn’t even introduce herself. After he asks her name, she goes away. The next day, Nikhil meets his old friend Rahul (Jimmy Shergill). The two play basketball and hang out together. Whilst in the company of Rahul and Steve (Rehaan Engineer), another one of Nikhil’s friend; the woman shows up again and she is revealed to be Anamika Joshi (Urmila Matondkar). She walks in with her friend Farhad, and when Nikhil tries to talk to Anamika, Farhad begins to think he is flirting with or disturbing her, and a fight breaks out.

Resulting, Rahul and Steve join in as well. Farhad turns out to be a gangster, and draws out a gun. After a big brawl, Rahul is shot on the leg and he collapses. Steve runs away in panic. Anamika has also disappeared. Farhad puts the gun into Nikhil’s hands and flees the country and quietly leaves for Australia. The police arrive at the scene, and arrest Nikhil. Rahul gets paralysed and loses the use of his legs. When Nikhil is kept in a cell by the police for shooting at Rahul, he tells them to ask Rahul himself, who refuses to speak with him. Also, Nikhil has no way of contacting Anamika to prove his innocence. Three years after having been imprisoned, Ira Malhotra (Juhi Chawla) comes to hear his side of the story and helps bail him out. Now Nikhil gets to meet Rahul and Anamika and eventually finds out that he was lured into a trap by a killer, who is still at large.

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