Fight Club (2006)

Four friends head off to Bombay and get involved in the mother and father of all gang wars.
The movie revolves round four friends Vicky (Zayed Khan), Karan (Dino Morea), Somil (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Diku (Ashish Choudhary). To make money, they start a Fight Club to provide a venue for youngsters to fight under controlled conditions.

Sohail Khan as Sameer
Mr. Rough and Tough
Sameer is the bouncer of a local club and prefers to talk with his fists rather than words. He joins Team Fight Club with this mission in mind. Will it succeed? Will it fail?

Zayed Khan as Vicky
Face of fun
Vicky is a flamboyant college going dude and the life-line of his friends; he decides to present his friends with a power-packed surprise�plan of a Fight Club! Amidst fists and fights Vicky finds Anu. His notorious and cute romance will make you smile throughout this journey.

Riteish Deshmukh as Somil
Always right
An observer and thinker by nature; he has immense respect for his uncle who is a father figure to him. However fate took a turn for the worst. Watch traumatized Somil fight back courageously and accelerate new beginnings with the help of his friends�

Dino Morea as Karan
Mr. Perfect
Always right in his thinking. Always right in his behavior. Karan joins Team Fight Club with an uncertain mind and a rationale of being supportive towards his friends. Watch him as he gets entangled in a constant battle between love, friendship and his principles�always.

Aashish Chaudhary as Diku
Majja Ma Diku
Not so mature. Not so shy. Not so happening.
Diku is a live wire and the centre of attraction. Look out for this funny wannabe;
He’ll make you laugh throughout this journey!

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