Maa Tujhhe Salaam (2002)

Tinu Verma’s directorial debut “Maa Tujhhe Salaam” is a kitsch-ridden action packed drama with an overdose of patriotic jingoism.Apart from cashing on Sunny Deol’s Desh Bhakt image, the film raises the burning issue of Kashmir through a story that is overtly anti-Pakistan.The film is set in the beautiful valleys and ravines of Kashmir.

Cast: Sunny Deol, Tabu, Arbaaz Khan

A group of Indian soldiers assigned duty near the India-Pakistan border with on-going conflict over Kashmir.Pratap Singh (Sunny Deol) is in charge of a battalion seeking to stop influx of terrorists and Pakistani soldiers from entering India’s borders.He loves beautiful Sonia Khanna (Tabu), who is also stationed at the same battalion.On the side of the Pakistanis, a leader Gul Mastan (Sudesh Berry), is interested in liberating Kashmir from India, and will leave no stone unturned in order to achieve this.His motive is to rule Kashmir as his own state.He enlists his loyal mercenary Albaksh (Arbaaz Khan) to achieve this objective.

But events turn Albaksh against his master, and gets him on the run, first from the Pakistanis, and then on touching India’s border, by the Indian soldiers. Pratap captures Albaksh and promises he will be taken to safety in India. But with sentiments and anger running high against Pakistani soldiers and extremists, Pratap may not be able to keep his promise.

Sunny Deol plays the stereotypical patriotic hero once again with fervor that reminds one of his performances in “Border” and “Gadar”.Once again he is seen mouthing heavy and jingoistic dialogues at the top of his voice and scoffing at the enemies.One surprise of the film is Arbaaz Khan who shows a fresh intensity playing Albaksh.Besides his finely worked-out beefcake physique that makes him a good choice for the role, Arbaaz’s emotive range seems to have broadened considerably.

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