Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya (2000)

Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya directed by T. K. Rajeev Kumar is a fantasy tale of a young man who dreams of being a king in search of his queen.The movie produced under the banner of Shogun Films Ltd. stars Arvind Swamy, Manisha Koirala and Dilip Dhawan in the pivot roles.It is a light movie..perfect enteratinment.

Cast: Arvind Swamy, Manisha Koirala, Dilip Dhawan

Dadimaa (Dina Pathak) has brought up her grandchilden, especially Mohit Kumar (Arvind Swamy) on bed-time happy-ending stories.Mohit, now grown-up, still believes in those stories.He rescues a young lady from drowning, and falls in love with her, without even knowing her name, which is Manisha (Manisha Koirala).Claiming that the statue of Lord Gajendra (or Lord Ganesh) has been stolen by Manisha, he journeys to Bombay city, and visits his brother Rohit Kumar (Dalip Dhawan).

Rohit and his dad, Thakur Veerendra Pratap Singh (Goga Kapoor) have not spoken to each other, ever since Rohit married Meera (Tanvi Azmi), who is of a different caste.Mohit meets with Manisha, and Manisha accidentally breaks Lord Gajendra’s statue, leaving Mohit devastated and full of fear.She makes amends by buying him Lord Gajendra in real life – a baby elephant.Chaos reigns as Mohit attempts to hide the elephant in his brother’s Versova apartment.In the meantime Manisha is expected to marry another man, with whom she was bethrothed in her childhood.This leaves Mohit with a broken heart and an elephant he is unable to manage, and look after.

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