Veerana (1988)

A thakur arrests a witch who was creating trouble for the people of a village for a long time and hangs her in front of the locals.However, her disciples manage to drag her corpse to a safer place and build a shrine dedicated to her.A high priest decides to use the body of the thakur’s daughter as a place to house the spirit of the witch. On a trip to their old ancestral home, the thakur is captured and her daughter’s hair is cut, which is used by the priest to practice the necessary rituals to place the spirit of the witch into the body of the thakur’s daughter, which is successful.

Cast: Hemant Birje, Jasmin, Sahila Chaddha

Then he arrives at her uncle’s place, where he claims that he rescued his niece in the middle of the jungle.The uncle is so impressed by the honesty of the man that he asks him to stay to look after the child, who behaves strangely just from the first day and then kills her aunt, which is covered up as a suicide.After the trauma, the uncle sends his own daughter to grow up in Mumbai, while the niece remains with him.Time passes, and the daughter comes back to meet her father and cousin.Meanwhile, in the area, some brutal murders are occurring, and local authorities are completely on their toes.All these are the works of the spirit taking her revenge by using the body of the thakur’s daughter.How will the murderer be recognized and killings stopped?

Bollywood does not make a lot of great Horror films.In the 70s there was one Hit Jaani Dushman.If you see it now you’ll see how outrageous it is. In the 80s there were the Ramsay Family, who have produced a few Horror films.Some include Purani mandir, Thakana and Dak Bangla.Veerana is no doubt their best work.After 90s there have been a few more Hit Horror Movies like Bhoot, Raaz, Raat, Vastu Shastra and Darna Mana Hai.In my opinion Veerana is better out of them all.Many people say Raaz was Great, but it was copy of Hollywood Movie what lies beneith. Veerana has its own storyline added with Indian culture.Black Magic and Witches.

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