Amrit (1986)

This is an another classic film of Rajesh Khanna with the same director, Mr. Mohan Kumar after all time classic Avataar.But the most significant fact is to watch in this film, the classic performance of Mr. Khanna in a completely different way of characterization that no body can say that this is the same old man of Avataar.This ‘otherness’ can only be seen in Rajesh Khanna so far as Indian movies are concerned.It is so because his way of expressing a character just comes directly through heart, which makes every character natural and life like.

Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Smita Patil, Aruna Irani

Widowed Kamla Srivastav lives in a Bungalow named “Kamla Nivas”, named after her by her late husband, Shrikant, where she now lives with her grown son, Virendra, his wife, Rekha, and their daughter, Sunita. Kamla’s chores include all household work, including cleaning, cooking, washing clothes as well as running errands outdoors. She is shunned, belittled, and berated by Rekha and generally ignored by Virendra, with the only bright spot in her life being Sunita.

Then there is widowed Amrit Lal Sharma, who lives in the same neighborhood, also in a Bungalow where he used to live with his late wife, Savitri, who died after being run over by a truck. The Sharma family now consists of Amrit’s son, Madan, his wife, Poonam, and their son, Rahul. Amrit is yelled at, belittled, humiliated and treated like a servant by Poonam, while Madan merely remains a spectator, and the only bright spot in Amrit’s life is h Rahul. Watch what happens when Amrit and Kamla meet each other in the park and find out how they are being abused by their respective children.

Here we again watch our beloved Super Star Actor with a very strong performance played with the another great Late Smita Patil instead of another great Shabana Azmi (Avataar).Overall it is an excellent one, as it truly portrays the social image of average Indian family in real sense.

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