Manoranjan (1974)

Yet another Classic movie, adaptation of Billy Wilder’s Irma la Douce. The movie is about the a street in red-light distrcit and alll the hilarious incidents happening within the distrcit. Sanjeev Kumar plays Jack Lemmon’s role, Zeenat Aman Shirley Maclaine’s and Shammi Kapoor plays Lou Jacobi’s. Hotel Casanova is called Hotel Mauj!

Cast: Shammi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Zeenat Aman

Interestingly, in copying Irma la Douce, Manoranjan became probably the first Hindi movie where prostitution was presented as a ‘fun’ activity without (overt) moralising and the heroine sleeps with men other than the hero and that’s OK. Quite a bid ahead of the curve for an Indian comedy made in 1974.

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