Saajan (1991)

The 90s take on traingle love story – mordern version of Raj Kapoors Sangam. One of the biggest musical romantic hits of early 90s.
In Saajan (Beloved), Salman Khan plays the part of a rich boy who falls in love with the same girl as a poor poet. In this case, the popular theme in Hindi movies of the fated love triangle leads rather unexpectedly to a show of male bonding. Both men stand aside to allow the other win over the love of his life.

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit

As a small child, the crippled and orphaned Aman (Sanjay Dutt) was adopted by the wealthy family of his friend Akash (Salman Khan). Now a poet publishing under the pen name Sagar, Aman discovers that one of his biggest fans is the sweet and lovely Pooja (Madhuri Dixit, luminous as always). She loves him without ever having seen him, and he falls for her instantly–but when he discovers that Akash has also fallen for her, he hides his feelings and allows his adopted brother to pretend to be the poet behind Sagar. Romance, action, comedy, and drama all mix together in this lively film from director Lawrence D’Souza, which won several Filmfare awards for its excellent musical numbers.

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