Love (1991)

Yeh Tune Kya Kiya…

Those soulful romantic songs and so sweet love story. Love is a 1991 Indian film starring Salman Khan as an angry young man who is trying to make it big as a singer. Revathi played the female lead. Amjad Khan also stars.

One of Salman Khan’s early post-Maine Pyar Kiya movies, Love is a decent flick. It also introduced the immensely talented Revathy Menon to Hindi cinema-goers. It is interesting viewing for the two protagonists and their performances..
One of good musical romantic movie of Salman Khan without much of his todays overboard antics and hamming. In those days, Salman was clothed! ha ha..

Jailed as a juvenile for killing his abusive father (Sudhir Kumar), Prithvi (Salman Khan) is unable to witness any atrocity without losing his temper. He meets with Maggie Pinto (Revathi Menon) and after a few more chance meetings, they both fall in love. Maggie takes Prithvi to meet her parents, and they reject him due to his violent background.

Maggie and Prithvi persist, and Maggie’s mom, Stella Pinto (Reeta Bhaduri) calls the police, and has Prithvi jailed. Guruji (Amjad Khan) comes to his aid, and bails him out. Both continue to meet, little knowing the tragedy awaiting both of them.

A must watch movie for Salman fans !

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