Saaransh (1984) *A Must Watch*

One of the Anupam Kher’s all time best movie, National Award Winner. Even today, when asked with Anupam about his own best movies Saaransh tops the list – his debut movie. Many directors have tried to ape this movie, including last years Amitabh, Sharmila, John starrer – Virrudh. Saaransh, directed by Mahesh Bhatt, was India’s Official entry for 1985 Oscar’s.

Not to be missed movie.

Cast: Rohini Hattangadi, Anupam Kher, Soni Razdan

The story revolves around anupam kher who is an retired school principal Mr.B.V.pradhan and his wife parvathi is played by H.Rohini. Pradhan’s son gets killed in a mugging incident in USA. He loses his interests in life and lives without any purpose, while his wife drowns her sorrow in religious activities. Paravthi’s guru says her that there son’s athma is looking for a womb and soon he will be reborn,very close to them.

Pradhan in order to add to his meager pension, rents his house to sujatha(soni razda) a budding actress. One day in search of job, pradhan gets mugged like his dead son. In humilation and helplessness pradhan tries to suicide, but luckily saved by Vilas (sujatha’s boyfriend).

Paravthi, who have been repressing her pain promises to end her life too, if he tries to suicide. In lonliness and helplessness, they both plan a joint suicide after sujatha’s birthday. But right before paravthi is about to drink the poison she comes to know that sujatha is carrying vila’s baby.she concludes that it is her son reborn in sujatha’s womb.

Vilas asks sujatha to abort the child,but parvathi is against it.On parvathi’s insistence pradhan sees vilas father chithre and as usual he refuses for there marriage and ask’s pradhan to vacate sujatha from his house. chithre’s intimidation strengthens pradhan’s resolve and he find’s a new purpose in his life, to bring the child into the world. He feels that he didn’t have the power to save his son, but he has the power to save sujatha’s baby and he will do what ever it takes to do it. But he is practical and does not believe that his son is being re-born. After a lot of hardship he unites vilas and sujatha. And as soon as he unites them, he asks them to leave his house, cause he wants to fight his wife’s superstitious belief.

Parvathi is heartbroken on sujatha’s exit and reminds pradhan of there suicide pact , but pradhan is unwilling. He tells her that courage is needed only to live and not for dieing. One can’t die for the dead and life itself cannot end and must continue.

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