Saaya (2003)

There has been much made of the plagiarism that exists in bollywood cinema with Mahesh Bhatt putting his two bits in with regard to the “Karishma” controversy by saying that the director should never have stated that the serial was inspired by Barbara Taylor Hackford’s books.There is the folly, not the fact that the serial is lifted from her books.Mahesh Bhatt would say that. His justification is that Bollywood cannot afford to pay for the rights for such “adaptations” or “inspiration”.

Cast: John Abraham, Tara Sharma, Mahima Chaudhary

Mahesh Bhatt would have to say that because the Bhatt stable has given us so many inspirations…Fareb (unlawful entry), Kasoor (the Jagged Edge) Raaz (what lies beneath) Jism (Body Heat) and now Saaya which is almost a scene to scene copy of the Kevin Costner film Dragonfly. My only answer to Mahesh Bhatt is what ever happened to originality?
Having said that, Saaya must be judged on its own terms and to most in India, they would be oblivious to the fact that it is lifted almost entirely from a Hollywood film.

Dr. Akash Bhatnagar has recently underwent a personal tragedy: his pregnant wife Maya has died in an accident in the North-East India. Akash becomes a workaholic to push the grief to the back of his mind, so much so that his boss is compelled to send him on a leave. While on leave, Akash starts to notice strange happenings around him, such as repeated sightings of an odd symbol and flooding of his house. Moreover, he becomes convinced that Maya is trying to communicate with him using the patients in the hospital as a medium.Everyone around him believe Akash is slowly turning insane. To prove them wrong Akash has to decipher the message Maya is trying to send him from nether-world…

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