Anuradha (1960)

Anuradha is a 1960 Hindi movie produced and directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.The film stars Balraj Sahni, Leela Naidu, Asit Sen and Mukri.The film’s music was composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar.The movie was nominated for the Golden Berlin Bear Award held on 1961.Overall Anuradha is an excellent movie that one must watch it..

Cast: Balraj Sahni, Leela Naidu, Abhi Bhattacharya

After Mrs. Chaudhary passes away, her husband asks his son, Nirmal, to study medicine, become a doctor, and live in a small village to help patients who are unable to travel great distances to see a medical professional.Nirmal follows his father’s advise, becomes a doctor, and starts his practice in Nand Gaon.He meets with Anuradha Roy, a well-known Radio Singer and stage dancer, and falls in love with her, he treats her injured ankle, both fall in love, and get married, without the blessings of Anuradha’s wealthy dad, Brijeshwar Prasad Roy.

Both re-locate to Nandgaon where Anuradha gives up her singing and becomes a housewife.She soon gives birth to a daughter, Ranu.Then 10 years later, her apologetic dad comes to visit her, and takes Ranu away for a holiday with him.Shortly thereafter, Anuradha’s former beau, Deepak, the England-returned man her dad had wanted her to marry, re-enters her life.He witnesses that she is being neglected by her overly busy husband, asks her to return back to singing, and go and live with her dad.

At first she refuses and asks him to leave, then relents when she sees that Nirmal has indeed been neglecting her, even on their wedding anniversary.She then informs Deepak she is ready to move out.That night when Nirmal returns home, Anuradha informs him about her decision to leave him.Watch what impact this has on Nirmal, and what he does, if anything, in order to keep this marriage intact.

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