Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche (2002)

Esha Deol debut

No mother and daughter could share a closer bond than the regal Manasi Devi (Jaya Bachchan) and the lovely Aisha (Esha Deol). They share their hopes, their dreams, their laughter, and their tears. They also share a terrifying secret. And then…Aman (Aaftab Shivdasani) bursts into their world.

Aman (Aftab) is a student of the National Institute of Fashion Technology. A teetotaler, Aman excels in his studies and shuns all bad habits. In brief he is any girl’s dream boy. Aman’s carefree and smooth life is, however, disturbed by the entry of beautiful Esha (Esha Deol) into NIFT. For Aman, it is love at first sight. He tries every way to get Esha’s attention but to no use. She ignores him totally.

Here Aman’s boisterous father (Anupam Kher) steps in as his savior. He holds a Valentines Day party to which he invites all the NIFT students and their parents. In the party opportunist Aman resorts to his song-and-dance ploy to woo Esha in front of her alleged mother Mansi Devi (Jay Bachchan). But in vain. All his amorous advances and covert glances are bluntly rebuffed by Esha.

Unable to comprehend Esha’s complete refusal, a desperate Aman shows up at her home and proposes marriage in front of her mother. It is there that the truth alights on him and our hapless movie viewers. The movie goes in flashback. Esha’s life is haunted by her tragic past. The truth is she has already been married once to Mansi Devi’s son Dushyant (Sanjay Kapoor). Yes Mansi Devi is her mother-in-law.

To Esha’s misfortune her husband Dushyant was a sadist and a sexual pervert who wanted to capture her nude on his video camera on their suhaag raat. Obviously she refused to comply. On another occasion Dushyant literally forced her to share bed with his foreigner friend. In her bid to escape Esha threw a burning lamp onto Dushyant. The tent with Dushyant in it caught fire. And thankfully for Esha her brute and kinky husband was left alone to burn in hell. But as it often happens in Bollywood kitsch, the phoenix does rise from the ashes.

Back to the present. It is Esha’s engagement ceremony. And Aman is her groom-to-be. Everyone is in a good mood. To Esha’s and Mansi Devi’s surprise, Dushyant shows up and spoils the evening. Rest of the story revolves around Dushyant attempting to terrorize Esha and Aman coming to her rescue and proving himself a real hero in her eyes.

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