Insaan (2005)

Mediocrity is personified in the Keshu Ramsey-produced Insan.The movie, directed by K Subhash, is replete with all possible Bollywood clichés – rich girl-poor guy romance, terrorism, a patriotic cop, a wayward youngster who turns jehadi and…The list goes on.The writer of this movie has stuffed the story with so many ingredients that Insan becomes more like a donkey carrying a heavy load.What is more surprising is that actors like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan chose to be a part of this film.And they are the only ones who make this movie tolerable.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Lara Dutta

Amjad (Akshay Kumar) is a jolly-good autorickshaw driver who spends most of his time chasing his sweetheart Heena (Esha Deol) or stopping communal riots and explaining the true meaning of Islam to people.Although a pauper, Amjad is a man with a big heart.He gives shelter to two aspiring actors Avinash (Tusshar Kapoor) and Indu (newcomer Laila).Heena’s parents do not approve of their daughter seeing an autodriver.And Amjad is looking for a chance to earn respect in their eyes.

Cut to Ajit Rathore (Ajay Devgan), a stern and stoic cop on the trail of a jehadi named Azhar (Rahul Dev).Azhar is the man who killed Ajit’s wife (Koena Mitra).Azhar’s leader Masood is already behind the police bars and often gets patriotic lessons from Ajit.The fecundity of director’s imagination is evident in an unexpected twist – Azhar is the lost brother of Amjad.

And then there is Meghna (Lara Dutta), the spunky woman who runs Karate classes in Amjad’s neighborhood.Ajit comes in touch with Meghna and the two are drawn towards each other. But they never express their love to each other.Drama builds up after Azhar takes hostage the passengers of a train and demands the release of his leader Masood.It is then our heroes – Amjad and Ajit – join hands to fight the forces of evil.

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