Main Hoon Na (2005)

In the times when filmmakers in Bollywood are experimenting with more realistic themes, Farah Khan comes up with a flashy movie conforming to all the stereotypes of an out and out commercial flick.

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Sunil Shetty, Sushmita Sen

Main Hoon Na has a little bit of everything in it. It has a youthful setting of a college campus, it has a patriotic angle harping on Indo-Pak relations, it has desi humor, videsi style of filmmaking, it has a good number of songs, it has stunts, action and pyrotechnics for adrenalin rush, it has emotional and romantic moments.

Major Ram Prasad Sharma (Shahrukh khan) yearns to see the ambitious project Mission Milap become a reality. A mission that will prove to be the dawn of a new tomorrow. Where long standing enmity between two countries will begin to see it’s end. But some forces do not want that dawn to come.

One of them is Raghavan (Sunil Shetty) who will do anything to prevent the strategic move. For this reason his devious shadow looms large over General Amerjet Bakshi’s daughter Sanjana ( Amrita Rao), whose life is in danger.

Every drop of Ram prasad’s blood glistens with the shine of pride for his country and he will not allow dark actions to create an eclipse in its bright future. To protect Sanjana, he goes to her school as a student..indeed Back to School. Here fun and frolic conceal his real intent.

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