Pyaar Mein Twist (2005)

After having seen countless youthful love stories, watching a mature love story like Pyaar Mein Twist is like a whiff of fresh air.The movie, directed by Hriday Shetty (who previously directed a lackluster ‘Plan’), tells the story of two middle-aged people who get into a relationship of compatibility and understanding to spend rest of their lives together.But in doing so, they invite scorn from all quarters –mostly from their own kids.

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia

Yashpal Khurana is the proud owner and Managing Director of Tejpal Group of Industries.He had taken over this responsibility from his dad, and upon reaching his retirement age, would now like his son, Rajiv, to take over from him.He decides to do so at the next annual general meeting where he formally announces his retirement, and inducts Rajiv as the new owner and Managing Director.That done, Yashpal finds that he has plenty of time on his hands, and goes to spend some of it with his old pal, Khanna, and his wife, Poonam.

Just when Yashpal thought that he would spend all his time relaxing with Khanna and booze, he meets Sheetal Arya.And Yashpal’s life is in an upheaval, for he has fallen head-over-heels in love with Sheetal, and come what may, wants to marry her.But does Sheetal reciprocate his love? Is she single and available? Watch as events unfold in both Khurana and Arya’s lives – taking them on a ride that will change their lives forever.

In short, it is heartening to see Hriday Shetty making a movie on such an offbeat subject as this one. The basic theme of the movie is that the elders too can have their lives beyond their children and family.

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