Sheesha (2005) *Fixed*

Sometimes Mirorr Lies
Neha Dhupia plays desi Sharon Stone in a modern-day version of the good twin-bad twin saga that Rakhee had pulled off in Subodh Mukherjee’s “Sharmilee” more than three decades ago. Siya is love, Riya is lust, and the rest is one huge libidinous cat-and-mouse game with the mute Riya posing as Siya to get her sister’s man into bed.

SHEESHA tells the story of Sia [Neha Dhupia] and her soul mate Raj [Sonu Sood]. Raj is associated with Channel 7, a satellite channel operating in Thailand. Sia is a budding fashion designer whose designer outfit ‘Shades’ is on the threshold of going international.

All seems well from the outside but oblivious to Sia and Raj, there’s a threat lurking which is raring to tear their relationship apart.
Enter Sia’s twin-sister Ria [Neha Dhupia in a dual role], a deaf and mute girl due to a neurological disorder, who has taken a strong liking for Raj the moment she set eyes on him.

But Raj is in love with Sia and he marries her. Now Ria wants revenge as she is heart-broken by the wedding. And suddenly to suit the script, she can both hear and speak as well. How many mute and deaf cases have you seen who can do that? Anyway, the only way she can do that easily, is by seducing the hero. So when Sia leaves for an international assignment, Raj and Ria are together. And here the mirror breaks before Raj’s eyes.Overall it’s a nice movie with a lots of twice at the end of the movie…

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