Dev D (2009)

Dev D is certainly a film which announces arrival of new Indian Cinema.In terms of narration, cinematography, music in loud decipher – is great!!Although the basic story line is same as of classical novel Devdas in which N number of films has been made in N number of languages, but still this film attract viewers for it contemporary plot.How many times we have seen in personal life around us that a person loves a village girl, and that urban lad wants physical with rural wild girl.

Cast: Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin, Mahie Gill

Thats what happen in this Dev loves Paro so desperately that she forced her to send nude pic of her through email and when Dev returns want to have sex with Paro on first encounter itself, but trouble starts when Dev heard that Paro has so called affair with a villager, and he dumps her.He was too late in realising his mistake.Paro was married off to rich person.Cut to Chanda, a school girl lured by his so called boyfriend for for physical intimacy.And his boy friend makes MMS during the act.That MMS circulates entire city making life of that poor girl hell.

Thats reminds viewers of real life School MMS case.We don’t know what happened to that girl in real life, but in film she became call girl after suicide of her father.Chunni is a pimp which brings Dev to the hotel room where Chanda is making business.Dev a failed person, deeply down with drugs and booze find solace with Chanda.Here the flesh trade is shown in not old fashioned way rather on the sides of Massage corner, Escort service, Sex telephone etc.

Paro once again comes in Dev life, but just for one day, when she was forced to see Dev after a telephone call.She washes his clothes, clean his room and our failed hero once gain tries to win her through physical intimacy, but luck is not on Dev’s side, Paro rejects his offer.Dev’s father is in hope that his son will improve, gifts him BMW car.And in drunk state Dev rammed and killed seven laborers.All news channels flashes that son of rich businessman killed innocent payment dwellers.Reminding of famous BMW case.

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