Sssshhh… (2003)

Sssshhh is a murder mystery and whodunit edge-of-the-seat thriller from Pavan Kaul. However, the director fails to do justice to the mystery element.Pavan would have emerged a winner if he had kept his screenplay tight.Mehek (Tanisha, kid sister of the powerhouse performer Kajol) is going through a bad phase in her personal life.Her sister Malini (Simone Singh in a guest appearance) has been murdered.

Cast: Tanisha, Dino Morea, Karan Nath

While she is trying to get out of this phase, she starts receiving phone calls from the supposed killer of Simone.He purports her to be his next victim, and starts stalking her.Meanwhile, Rocky (Dino Morea in a fun-loving role for a change) is Tanisha’s childhood friend and in love with her.He along with his sidekick Rajat (Channel V VJ Gaurav Kapoor in a role replete with PJs) are trying out ways to woo her for him.After a few attacks by the slasher, who wears a joker’s mask, Tanisha’s friends (Dino, Karan, Gaurav, Suvarna Jha, Kushal Punjabi and Teena Chowdhary) try to cheer her up.

When they feel that the killer has been bumped off in a fight, they start heaving a sigh of relief.How the group of friends gets killed one by one without any clue to the slasher’s identity forms the crux of the latter half of this movie.

SSSSHHH… is an apt case of body beautiful.Besides being a stylish fare, the film has been shot at some of the most exotic locales of Thailand.Even the snow-capped locales of Himachal Pradesh [India] are simply breath-taking.Overall SSSSHHH… holds tremendous curiosity value and shock value. It does succeed in scaring you, but intermittently.

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