Katti Batti (2015) *HQ*

KATTI BATTI starts off with Payal (Kangna Ranaut) shooting an MMS of a slightly reluctant Madhav Kabra aka Maddy (Imran Khan). This is followed by a hospital scene where Madhav is admitted after he consumes phenyl ‘accidentally’. Then begins the flashback of many such incidents and events that show us the tale of his romantic relationship with Payal.

The flashback shows that Madhav, who is doing his architecture in the same college as Payal falls head over heels in love with her the very moment he sees her for the first time. Even though he confesses his true love to her at regular intervals, Payal shrugs it off stating that she is just looking out for a ‘time pass’ relationship and not a committed one. Despite all the odds, Madhav convinces Payal to acknowledge his love and then they take a decision of living-in with him in Mumbai. While life seems to be a bed of roses initially, it gradually opens up its ugly side when Payal and Madhav have an argument for some reason or the other.

It is during one such argument at the airport when they were en route Goa, that Madhav decides to break up and leaves her at the airport. After cooling down, when he comes back hunting for her, Payal disappears and switches off her phone, not to be seen again. Unable to digest the mysterious disappearance of Payal from his life, what follows is his endless attempts to search her at every place possible and from everyone possible. Is there more than what meets the eye for the mysterious disappearance of Payal, what ultimately happens to Madhav and Payal’s love story, will Payal ever become ‘batti’ with her ‘katti’ live-in partner Madhav, is what forms the rest of the film.

Imran, who plays the nerdy Maddy, impresses with his earnest, honest and intense performance and your heart goes out for him when he pines for Payal. Despite being paired opposite the Queen, Imran holds his own and doesn’t let Kangana overshadow him. On her part, Kangana is simply impressive though at times, her character comes across as the urban version of her Tanu Trivedi avatar. But the actress proves beyond all doubts that she is a performer in the last 15-20 minutes of the film. The rest of the cast has put in a decent performance.

Nikhil Advani, who has helmed this tale, deserves a pat on his back for coming up with a visually delightful love story, which is thankfully not fluffy. Katti Batti is as intense as it comes, though at times, you wish the emotions could have been dialled down a bit because it is doubtful whether today’s generation, which is used to speed-dating and instant gratification, will connect to the story of a man, who keeps pining for his woman for a major part of the film.

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