Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013)

A khadoos and kanjoos dad can’t see eye to eye with his free-spirited son. The backdrop is a big, fat Punjabi wedding in North India. A brand new car that’s supposed to be offered as the wedding gift goes missing. Now add a tadka of assorted characters: Bhai, weirdos and cops. Perfect recipe for a truly appetizing Punjabi delicacy? Oh, yes! Y-Films’ third movie MERE DAD KI MARUTI is loud, funny, energetic and whacky.

Now, before we proceed, let’s give you a brief about a few hilarious characters in the movie. Ram Kapoor aka Tej Khullar plays a loud Punjabi father, who share a volatile relationship with his son Sameer (Saqib Saleem). Not to believe, the duo’s relationship is so miserable that Tej has gone up to the extent to believe that Sameer was exchanged in the hospital during childbirth. Then, enters the college hottie Jazzleen (Rhea Chakraborty), who is self-obsessed and considers herself as the ‘Shakira’ of Chandigarh.

The movie opens with a wedding ceremony in the Khullar family, where the daughter of the family was to receive a brand new Maruti car as a dowry. But, things take u-turn after the good-for-nothing Sameer sneaks the new car (Maruti) to impress Jazzleen and later he loses it. Fearing his father’s rage, Sameer plans out to replace the stolen Maruti with the help of his best friend.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti is an out-an-out comedy, especially the hillarious dialogues are sure to tickle the audiences’ funny bones. One such dialogue is when Sameer goes upto Jazzleen to propose her. His terrible English “Are you love me?” (instead of “Do you love me?”) and then Sameer’s friend scolding him for wrong English, “Itni tatti English mein I love you bolega, toh aisa hi hoga”…, one certainly can’t stop giggling after hearing such serious ‘tatti’ English.

Ram Kapoor as an outrageous father, does a convincing job. He perfectly matches up to the role a loud, Punjabi dad, who miserably hates his own son and curses the poor soul, every now and then. Saqib Saleem certainly does an impressive job, but somewhere lacks the screen presence. Rhea Chakraborty is a complete show off in the movie, and unfortunately doesn’t get much opportunity to prove herself as an actress.
What you can expect from Mere Dad Ki Maruti?

The aam janta can expect full-too entertainment and sufficient tummy laughs out of this loud masala movie. Especially, certain madcap dialogues might leave whistling, giggling and applauding in the theatres.

On the whole, Mere Dad Ki Maruti won’t dissappoint you. The film takes the audience on a roller coaster ride that will leave them roar with laughter.

Watch Online (Tudou)
Watch Online (Tudou)

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