Miss Mary (1957)

The film is a light-hearted comedy with Meena Kumari (who regularly played tragedienne roles) performing one of her rare comic acts. The story is about Arun (Gemini Ganeshan), an unemployed teacher who comes across an advertisement offering a job at the Lakshmi School with the proviso that only married couples need apply. He meets Miss Mary (Meena Kumari), a Christian girl who is badly in need of a job to pay off her parents’ debt. She agrees to pose as his wife. They hire Nakdu (Om Prakash), a beggar cum conman as a servant to keep up the pretense.

The school owner couple (Rai Sahib and his wife), is looking for their long lost daughter Lakshmi (hence the Lakshmi School), who went missing sixteen years ago and the only thing tying her to them is a locket and an identification mark in the form of a mole on her left foot. They employ a detective Raju (Kishore Kumar) to find her. Raju is an orphan brought up as a nephew by the Rai Sahib. The old couple find a resemblance in Mary to their daughter and show her a photo of Lakshmi that looks like her. Mary tells them that she can’t be their daughter as she was brought up in a Christian environment by Christian parents.

Mary feels bad lying about her married status to the Rai Sahib and his wife. She and Arun start liking each other in spite of their constant bickering. The owner’s other daughter Sitara (Jamuna) has a fondness for Arun which upsets Mary. There are several comic sequences involving Raju and his friend. The truth is revealed about Mary being the Rai Sahib’s daughter when her foster parents arrive.

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Watch Online (Youtube)
Watch Online (Youtube)

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