Soldier(1998) *Top Voted Mid Week Special*

One of the surprise superhit of 1998 (reported by blockbuster News Network), an action thriller staring Bobby Deol & Preity Zinta in lead roles among others. A young man flees to Australia from India after he commits a murder. Here he meets and seduces the daughter of a rich industrialist, but what are his true intentions?

Cast: Bobby Deol, Preity Zinta, Johnny Lever, Dilip Tahil, Suresh Oberio.

Captain Vijay Malhotra, attempted to defend himself when army officials intercept a truck-load of arms and ammunition being sold illicitly to gangsters by officers in the Indian army, he is found guilty and is shot down and killed.

A subsequent inquiry into this incident revealed that Vijay was indeed guilty of this offence. His dead body was stripped of all medals, and commendations, and left for cremation by his wife, Geeta, and a young son, Raju. The local villagers refused to permit Geeta from even cremating the body of a traitor, and left his body to rot in the hot desert climate.

Years later, a young man named Vicky seeks revenge for the people that were involved with the conviction of Vijay Malhotra. However nobody knows why he is killing people in defence of someone who was deemed a traitor.

The story tells who Vicky is and why he does what he does.

One of the finest action thriller with melodious music to hit silver screen. With slick action and stylish presentation the movie is definitely worth watch. The only movie which have good balance of script and technical exploitation (much better than Sanjay Gupta movies).

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